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What’s Bigger Than You?

We all reach a level of uncertainty in life. Where we begin to question our purpose and calling. We start to sense this feeling of unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, and emptiness in our inner worlds, ultimately reflecting in our outer worlds. New turns into old, special turns into average, and comfort turns into boring. The beauty in this awakening is that we get the opportunity to discover, change, and fulfill those voids; Choosing to go within instead of going without.


Transparent moment: Going within and digging deep, honestly jump-started everything for me. It was in those moments when I felt hopeless, discouraged, and empty, that I reminded myself who I was and align with my purpose in life. It’s kind of weird, but our lowest points always bring forth the necessary information to shift our paradigm. For instance, I remember graduating from college in 2018 and feeling like my whole world was crashing down. I was confused on whether I should pursue a career in accounting, my mother was on her deathbed, and I was going through a really bad break up at the time. All of my emotions just started sinking me to the bottom of the deep blue sea, and I didn’t care to have a life jacket. The one thing that did save my life and brought me back to shore, was thinking about the difference that I couldn't make if I give up.


You see, life thrives off of our darkest vulnerable moments. Our minds hate it but our spirits love it. Don't be afraid. I know it’s uncomfortable at first, but do your best to embrace it. Try to see the beauty in your beast. Understand that being in the dark, only allows you to see your light.

Much Love,

Key Shamar

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