Bigger Than Key, LLC is a consulting company that helps people cultivate a wealthy mindset to create and preserve generational wealth. Our company provides financial education, financial services, and financial literacy programs to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 

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Meet our founder

Kierra S. Mann (Key) is an Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate, Writer, and Founder of Bigger Than Key LLC; the company that targets mental health, equality, & financial literacy in the community. Her company strives to help people end generational cycles, create generational wealth, and gain security over every aspect of their life. Whether that’s self-security, emotional security, or financial security, Key created Bigger Than Key so no one has to build alone!

Key attended the University of District Columbia and received her BBA in Accounting in 2018. While attending, she noticed that her leadership and ambition inspired her peers on campus. In 2016, Key was extremely passionate about black representation in the accounting field and became the UDC chapter President for the National Association of Black Accountants. Through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, she received a scholarship to study international business abroad in China. With her hard work and dedication, she was able to dive deeper into business, economics, and international culture. Soon after, in 2017, Key studied psychology abroad in Europe which sparked her drive for spreading awareness about the importance of mental health.

While succeeding to help others build self, emotional, and financial security in their lives, Key is simultaneously helping herself become the woman she always wanted to be. She has witnessed many occasions of domestic violence in her childhood, her family has never experienced financial freedom, and she is striving every day to not become a product of her environment. In spite of adversity, Key created a company that not only allows her to walk on purpose and heal, but also enlighten others to build security along the way.

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