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Talking To Heal - Founder’s Message

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hello King or Queen, and welcome to my very first blog post. For those who have no clue who I am, my name is Kierra, but most call me Key. I am a 25 year old Entrepreneur, Author, and Founder of Bigger Than Key LLC; A company I started two years ago to target mental health, equality, & financial literacy in the community!


This blog is not just for me, but for my community. I wanted to create a safe space for me to openly express who I am, and inspire the next person to do the same. Now let's get honest. I not only wanted to create this safe space for my community, but I needed to. Why??? Because it's time to get honest about who we are. It's time to spark those necessary conversations about mental health, life-style, and business that has been holding us back for centuries. It's time to start releasing all things low vibrational (negativity), so that we can start vibrating higher as a community (positivity). The time is now, and I'm ready to be obedient, are you???


Side note: When we talk about our past traumas, we heal from them. When we heal from our past traumas, we live in the present. When we live in the present, we live life to the fullest.

Much Love,

Key Shamar

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